Why every café needs a good drain cleaner on call

Restaurants and cafes are among the first to encounter a blocked drain.  Not only are there risks of food and grease getting down the drains but bathrooms are often used by numerous amounts of patrons throughout the night.  The chances of a blocked drain may be catastrophic to business, especially during a busy service.

To keep clear of any mishaps, we recommend that café and restaurant owners pay special attention to these tips we have prepared:

  1. Have a grease trap – If you are trading by law there should be a grease trap installed on your premises.  Make sure that this trap is the right size in accordance to your needs.
  2. Service your grease trap regularly – build up happens quickly, catch the problem before it starts.
  3. Don’t pour hot grease down the drain – If grease does happen to enter the drain make sure the liquid is cool and not hot as it will become more solid when cooler and get caught by the grease trap better.
  4. Scrape all food and scraps into the garbage bin, this includes liquids too.
  5. If a clog occurs, call out a professional immediately – many drains in an establishment are connected.  A clog in one area can spread to other areas and create a bigger problem than originally anticipated.
  6. Get your drains serviced regularly – do this as a preventative measure.  Even being careful about not letting things get down the drains, we know how hospitality life goes and with regular maintenance, larger issues down the road can be prevented.

If you are a commercial café or restaurant owner and would like to get in touch to chat more about how we can provide your business with a solution, get in touch today.