What to Look For In A Plumber

DIY plumbing solutions are all well and good, but every Perth home owner at some point will have to face the prospect of hiring a plumber when those methods don’t work. Whether it’s a blocked toilet, a leaky tap or a water pressure failure, sometimes it’s just best to contact a professional. The process of finding the right plumber for you is extremely important, so we’ve put together some tips to help make the process easier.

Tip #1: Be aware of scamming techniques
There are fake plumbers out there and scammers who will try to take the money of unsuspecting, uneducated home owners, so it’s important you know how to identify a genuine plumber or plumbing business. Besides having a legitimate website and proper contact details, check that your plumber is fully licensed. All Australian tradespeople have to display their licence number on ads for their services. Make sure they do this. You should ask to see their ID card as added proof.

If in doubt, check out The Plumbers Licensing Board for more information on policies and guidelines and see if your chosen plumber abides by these rules.

Tip #2: Decide whether you need someone specialised or general
Depending on the issue, you need to decide whether to hire a plumber that specialises in an area, or one that is good in a number of areas. If you’ve got an issue that is specific and very serious, a specialised plumber may be more worthwhile for they would have specific experience and knowledge in your problem area.

Tip #3: Gather quotes
You’ll want to make a list of a few plumbers in your area once you’ve decided the type of plumber you want to hire. Contact each option and get a quote for the work. Break down the costs into their specific categories including labour costs, material costs, hourly rates, etc.

Tip #4: Check out their experience
You want a plumber who is honest, reliable and has a successful track record. Ask them how long they’ve been in business and whether they’ve worked on jobs similar to yours or the same as yours.

Tip #5: Get information about insurance and warranty
Make sure you ask if they are fully insured and make sure they are able and willing to provide proof so that in the worst-case scenario, you can feel secure. Your plumber should also provide warranty on the work and the parts used to fix your problem.

Tip #6: Up-To-Date Equipment
Another important question to ask is how up-to-date is the technology that they are using? Just checking that they have even the basic tools needed to do the job, and any added equipment such as drain cameras, that get the job done smoother and cleaner.

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