What should I do if I have a plumbing emergency?

Like all emergencies, plumbing emergencies have a way of popping up out of the blue and wrecking havoc, no matter the time of day. The important thing is knowing what to do when an emergency strikes. 

Here’s how to tackle a plumbing emergency on your property… 

1. Don’t panic! 

First thing’s first, remain calm! Panicking will not solve the problem 

2. What’s the damage? 

Take the time to have a look at what’s going on so that you can provide your plumber with as much information as possible when you move onto the next step. The more you know, the easier it is to describe the problem and the quicker your plumber can fix it. 

3. Contact a pro 

With as much information under your belt as possible, now’s the time to contact a trustworthy, professional plumber who you know will be able to sort the problem no matter the time of day. Drains Plus is available 24/7 365 days a year, so you can always count on us. Call (08) 6118 7025. 

4. Shut off the water

With the plumber now on their way, it’s time to do some damage control. As soon as you notice any major plumbing problem (like a burst pipe), make sure that you turn off the main water valve to your home. In most cases this will be located outside the home on the water meter. In case you don’t know where that is… The water meter is located somewhere along the front boundary of your property. While shutting off the mains won’t solve the problem it will prevent water from flooding your home. If you know where  exactly the issue is located you may be able to turn off the water  at the appliance, for example the toilet so that you can access water in the rest of your home while you wait for the plumber. 

5. Be patient! Don’t use chemicals! 

As tempting as it may be to pour some sort of chemical at the problem, while you wait for your plumber to arrive on the scene – don’t do it! Chemicals may damage pipes and without the necessary tools to know what’s going on, you may cause more damage. 

Our top tip to anyone experiencing a plumbing emergency? … 

Call as soon as possible! The longer you leave it, the worse it becomes and the more expensive the problem will be. 


For all your plumbing emergencies and to deal with blocked drains perth, keep our number at the ready, (08) 6118 7025.