Types of Faucet Valves

Before you go and DIY a faucet repair job, you need to know what type of faucet you have and how it works. Let’s take a look at the most common faucet types.

Ball Faucet

Most common in your kitchen, the ball faucet is a washer-less faucet. They usually have a single handle that is used to control both the hot and cold water by swivelling it. Inside, it is controlling a special plastic or metal ball. Inside the ball is a series of slots and holes with rubber O-rings and rubber seals. These faucets tend to leak more than other faucets because of how many parts are used.

Disk Faucet

These are ceramic faucets with a single handle that controls the hot and cold water. It is distinctive from the ball faucet by its wide, cylindrical design. It uses a pressure balance cartridge to control the temperature of the water. Within this faucet are two ceramic disks at the bottom which help to increase or decrease the volume of water flow.

These faucets don’t need repairing often as they are high quality and very reliable.

Cartridge Faucet

These have two handles that control the hot and cold water. Turning the water on and off is smooth and consistent, and does not require any added pressure, unlike a compression faucet.

Compression Faucet

One of the oldest forms of faucet, these are usually found in older homes. They can also be found on newer homes usually on utility sinks. They are cheap, but very prone to leaks and need regular maintenance. They have separate handles for hot and cold water and require you to tighten and put pressure on the handles in order to stop water flow.