Things to Consider for Commercial Plumbing Service

It’s not just every day homes that have plumbing issues, but businesses too. It’s safe to say that, as a business, plumbing is most likely not your area of expertise and is something you’d rather not have to deal with. There are a couple of crucial things you need to keep in mind when considering which plumbing service to hire for your commercial job.

License and Insurance

Firstly, you want to make sure that the company you are hiring is fully licensed and insured. It is crucial that you ask for their working permit. If they cannot provide it, then it is best to move on and consider choosing someone else. Also check to see if they have liability and workers’ compensation insurance.


Check past reviews for commercial plumbing services that you’re considering to see how people rated them in terms of response times and how long it took for them to arrive on site and get the job done. You’ll want to look for someone who as a good track record of responding quickly to enquiries and arrives on time for the job.


Besides making sure that the professional you hire has the proper licenses and insurance, you need to make sure that they also have the experience to match. Are they qualified to do the job? Do they have adequate experience in commercial plumbing or have they only ever done domestic plumbing? Don’t be afraid to ask questions to help determine if they have the right experience for your job.


It’s important to hire a plumber who is located fairly close to your building or services in your area. You could ask around and get recommendations from others in your area to get a list of some of the best commercial plumbers in your area.

Emergency Services / Availability

Consider hiring a plumbing service that offers emergency services or that is available on call. Here at Drains Plus, we are open 24/7, which means we are available to fix drain blockage issues at any time of day. You never know when something might happen outside of business hours that needs ot be fixed immediately.