The Pros and Cons of Water Jetting

So, you’ve got a blocked drain and now you’re looking for the best solution to the problem. You’ve probably seen hydro-jetting (or as we call it – water jetting) as one solution to the problem.


Snaking is the traditional method for fixing clogs. This involves inserting a long steel cable into a blocked drain to clear it out. However, as technology has improved, new methods such as water-jetting have become more popular. Water-jetting uses water pressure to clear blockages in a similar way the steel cable would. Here at Drains Plus, we opt for the water-jetting option because we strive to use the most up-to-date plumbing technology, and the pros far outweigh the cons. Today, we look at the pros and cons of water-jetting.


How Water-Jetting Works:

This method has many names: hydro-jetter, water jetter, trailer jetter, jetter, drain jetter, sewage flusher, etc. Basically, it shoots a blast of very high-pressure water into drains. The high pressure (typically around 4,000 psi) gives it the ability to clear out even extremely tough drain blockages. Generally, a pipe examination is done with a camera before going in with the water jetter. Depending on the size of drain and the type of obstruction that needs to be removed, nozzles and hoses will vary in design to suit the problem.



  • Effective at removing any type of blockage because the water pressure levels used are very powerful.
  • Great to use for basic drain maintenance.
  • Extremely versatile: since the design of the nozzles and hoses can be changed depending on the size of pipes and the problem at hand, a water jetter can be used in a variety is situations, from small residences to large commercial buildings. It can clean different types of pipe lines too.
  • Clears away hard-to-remove dirt, gunk and any obstructions.
  • Is great for removing tree roots from pipelines.



  • It is risky to use on damaged pipelines. The pressure could cause more harm to the pipes or cause a breakage.
  • Might be costlier than a traditional snake solution.


Water jetting is a tool that should be handled by professionals. To avoid issues such as pipelines damage and breakages, the right plumber will examine the pipes beforehand with drain cameras to ensure that a water jetter can be used safely to remove clogs and blockages. Here at Drains Plus, we use drain cameras to assess your pipes to effectively search for the cause of your blockage issues and to ensure a smooth and clean removal process. Call us on 1800 4 20000 if you need some plumbing help – we are specialists in fixing blocked drain issues.