The Best Ways to Unclog a Shower Drain
The last thing you want is to just into the shower to find that the water is pooling around you. A blocked shower drain is uncomfortable and something that no homeowner wants to experience. Usually, showers are blocked due to a build-up of hair, dirt, minerals and soap scum over time. In worst case scenarios, it could be due to tree roots that grow into small cracks in your underground pipes.

Once you notice that your shower drain is blocked, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. The longer you leave the problem, the worst it gets. Here are some of the best ways you can unclog your shower drain:

  1. Pour a kettle of boiling water down the drain

The hot water will help to wash away any soap or grease that has built up in your drains. However, this method won’t work if the problem is much deeper or serious.

  1. Use baking soda and vinegar

Mix 1/3 cup of baking soda with a 1/3 cup of vinegar into a measuring cup. It will begin to fizz immediately. As it does, pour the mixture down the drain. The chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar should break down any hair, grease and soap scum residing in the pipes. Let this sit for 30 minutes to an hour before washing it down with hot water.

  1. Use a plunger

Yes, plungers can help unclog drains. However, depending on the nature and location of the blockage, this method may or may not be successful. This method generally won’t work very well if the blockage is mainly due to hair or is deep down.

To do this method, make sure there’s a small pool of water in the show to submerge the head of the plunger. When plunging, do it continuously and firmly.

  1. Manually scrape out the cause of the blockage

You may have to get down and dirty if your drain blockage is a little bit more serious. Grab a pair of rubber gloves and a coat hanger or a hook. Take off the drain cover – you may need a screwdriver for this. You may need to use a flashlight to look down the drain to see where to blockage is.

If you can’t reach the blockage with your hands, use a metal coat hanger or a hook. Straighten it out and lower it down the pipe to pull or scrape out the cause of the blockage (usually hair).

  1. Call a professional

If all else fails, call a professional. Most drains can easily be cleared using small electric drain machines. They’ll be able to clear up any issues such as rust build-up in smaller pipes and tree root blockages.