Reasons Why Your Drain is Blocked

As a homeowner, you are bound to experience the pain of a blocked drain at some point. Sudden bad smells in your home, water rising up and out of your sink or shower instead of draining out, and bubbling toilets are enough to make anyone fear the prospect of a blocked drain.

It’s important to know the causes behind drain blockages so that you are prepared and able to avoid the problem. The truth of the matter is, once you know what causes the problem, you have the power to prevent almost all drain blockages in your home.

Each drain has a different core issue

The hot spots for drain blockage issues are in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower and toilet. Each spot is caused by a different issue which, at first may seem harmless.

Kitchen Sink

You may think that little scrap of food or grease you washed down your kitchen sink is harmless, but over time, it is building up to a big blockage problem. Grease sticks to the sides of the pipes and hardens as it cools. Eventually, the grease will build up to a point where no more liquid can get through. Think about what this does for all the small scraps of food that you wash down there, too.

Bathroom Sink and Shower

Hair is the main culprit behind your bathroom sink and shower blockages. Hair that falls out while you’re in the shower or into the sink as you get ready will clog your drains and cause blockage if there’s enough of it. If addressed early, you can easily remove the hair yourself with a pair of gloves, but if left too long, you may have to purchase some tools to grab the hair that has clogged deeper down the drain. Dirt and soap also contribute to blockages in your bathroom.


If your toilet is clogged, that’s a sign that you’ve probably been flushing the wrong stuff down the toilet. The things you shouldn’t be flushing down the toilet include: feminine hygiene products such as pads and tampons, nappies, baby wipes/wet wipes and dental floss. Mainly the things that do not dissolve in water or expand when exposed to water will cause your toilet to be blocked. The result is unpleasant smells and gurgling noises.

If you’ve got drain blockage issues and would like advice or help from a professional, give us a call!