Preparing Your Plumbing System for Winter

The weather is starting to cool down, and before winter comes upon us, we should start thinking about how to winter-proof our plumbing system so that we can avoid any plumbing issues. While winter is still 2 months away, you have a lot to prepare before the cold weather hits, so let’s get started.

Check your gutters

Before all the rain comes, make sure that your gutters are clear of dirt, debris and anything that might cause blockages.

Check your downpipes

Make sure your downpipes are working and draining water as they should be. If they’re not, it’s probably connected to the state of your gutters. Don’t leave any problem untouched, otherwise you’ll experience overflowing pipes once the rain comes in and that’ll cause damage which will be expensive to repair.

Check your stormwater drainage

Stormwater drains are just as prone to blockages as any other pipes in your home. Check these as soon as possible, because you’ll gave serious issues when winter rolls around if you find out they’re blocked, or worse.

Your hot water system

Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning to have a nice warm shower and you get shot with freezing cold water – not good. Drain your hot water heater and have a maintenance check performed to make sure your hot water system is in optimum health and is ensured to last for the entire winter period.

Check any exposed pipes

Frozen water pipes can be a major issue because it could cause pipes to break or split. It’s worse when you have leaks within the pipes. Check for leaks both inside and outside of your home.

Check for roof leaks

Carefully check your home for any areas that might be subject to roof leaking. If you find any spots, get them fixed as soon as possible.


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