Plumbing Problems You Should NOT DIY

While there are a number of plumbing issues that can be fixed through DIY such as leaky taps, leaky shower or a running toilet, there are also certain plumbing problems and jobs that should not be done without the help from a professional.

#1: Clogged Drains and Pipes

Some small blockages issues can definitely be fixed through DIY by using a plunger or a snake. However, most blockage issues should be taken to a professional. The reason for this is because usually getting to the source of the issue requires equipment only accessible by professionals. Sometimes, the issue may not even reside near the home, but further down the sewage line, which a professional will be able to identify.

#2: New Water Heater Installation

This is a risky job that poses the risks of hot water leaks, and in more serious cases, gas leaks. Since most water heaters are heated through gas, installation of the gas line is always a job that should be handled by a professional, to prevent sickness due to gas leaks or housefires.

Installing an electric water heater poses similar issues as well. If not installed properly, you run the risk of water and steam leaks which can lead to mold growing in your home, which instead of saving you costs, will end up costing you more money to fix up the damage done due to poor installation.

#3: Low Water Pressure