Plumbing Checklist for Spring/Summer: 10 Things You Need To Do To Summer-Proof Your Home
Finally, the cold and dreary weather is behind us and we’re in for warm weather and longer days! In preparation you’re probably heading out to buy summer clothes, change your bedsheets over to something lighter – but we bet you didn’t think about prepping your plumbing for the summer season. Are we right?

Spring is the perfect opportunity to get your plumbing in order. By going through this comprehensive checklist now, you’ll be ready to kick back and fully enjoy summer when it comes around – no nasty hidden issues in sight. So here we go:

Checklist Item #1 – Check your taps and showerheads

First thing’s first, check the items within your home starting with your taps and showerheads. You may think a little drip from your showerhead or bathroom sink may be a minor thing that you can handle, what you may not realise is the underlying issue it might be indicating. Not to mention, every drop counts towards your water bill and saving water.

We’ve got some pretty informative articles on the reasons why your tap may be leaking and how to fix it, so be sure to check those out!

Checklist Item #2: Check your toilet

Last thing you want in summer is a nasty, smelly toilet leak or flooding in your toilet so do yourself a favour now. Look out for any leakage around the base of the toilet. See any loose, curling tiles? This indicates water damage. Make sure you get this fixed ASAP so you don’t have to deal with bigger issues down the line.

Checklist Item #3: Check your air conditioners

Imagine being well into summer and it’s the hottest day of the month – you go to blast your air conditioner only to find it isn’t working properly and the cooling system needs fixing… now you have to go a few days without air-conditioning in blinding heat! Not ideal.

Test out your air conditioners – remove and clean the air filters and make sure it’s in good shape before the weather gets really hot.

Checklist Item #4: Check your smoke detectors and alarms

While this isn’t necessarily a plumbing checklist item, we think this is an essential thing to check every season. Your detectors and alarms could save your life one day, so make sure to do a routine check of your house’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, security alarms, etc.

Checklist Item #5: Check your outdoor faucets

Time to move outside – be sure to check outdoor taps and sprinkler heads for any leaks or standing water. A way to check this is to turn off water for the outdoor tap and check back at the end of the day to see if there are any wet patches. If you find odd wet patches around, it may indicate that you have a leak.

Checklist Item #6: Check and clean your gutters

All that rainy weather, leaves falling from autumn and winter can leave your gutters filled with build up of debris that can cause drainage issues. You can either clean your gutters yourself, or get a professional to clean them for you!

Checklist Item #7: Check your water heater

Your water heater works on overtime during winter to keep up with our demands for hot water. Moving into summer is the perfect time to check it to make sure no damage has occurred to it over the few months it has been working so hard. If you find that your water heater is in fact damaged, check out this blog post which can help you prevent damage when the next winter season comes around.

Checklist Item #8: Check any exposed pipes

Got any exposed pipes around your home? Be sure to check those for signs of damage or leaks, as sometimes they can be subject to freezing or bursting in the winter season. AS the weather gets drier and warmer, it’s easier to see these signs of damage.  You could do this in line with the checking of your outdoor faucets and sprinklers.

Checklist Item #9: Check water meter and water pressure

A quick way to isolate any leaks or blockage issues in your home is to conduct a water meter check. Not sure how to do this? We have a full article detailing how to test your water pressure.

Checklist Item #10: Check sewer lines for blockages

Winter is the perfect time for sewer lines to get blocked from build up of residue, intrusion of tree roots, etc. Be sure to check your sewer lines this spring, even if it means calling up a professional to take a look at them with drain cameras (here at Drains Plus, we offer this service).