Pipe Relining & Repair

Repairing broken pipes can be expensive and messy, but with brand new no-dig technology, called Pipe Relining you can get your pipes fixed and back in optimal working condition with no mess and for a fraction of the time!

Basically, this method involves repairing a broken or cracked pipe from the inside, using a tough pipe that seals seamlessly against the rest of the pipe system, stopping leaks and further breaks, so your pipes will be stronger than ever.

So how exactly does it work?

Well, it’s pretty straight forward.

First, we send down our in-drain camera to inspect the plumbing system, find out where the breakages or cracks have occurred, and measure it out so that we know exactly what we’re working with.

When the measurements have been taken we create a liner and custom inflatable bladder to match the exact specifications we’ve just discovered through our in-drain camera.

Once we’re happy with it, we’re ready to install the relined section of the pipe. We do this by inserting the now deflated custom bladder into the pipe liner and attaching a rope that we use to pull the pipe liner through the existing access point to your pipes. With the help of our in-drain camera, we line everything up perfectly and then we inflate the bladder with air so that the liner seals up against the existing pipes. This creates a new, tougher pipe.

When everything has had time to cure, we deflate the bladder and pull it back out of the pipe. And ta da! You have a brand new, sturdy pipe in place!

Lastly, we make sure everything is in good working order by using our camera to ensure it’s all secure and in place.

This method:
– Usually takes less than a day
– Is less intrusive
– Keeps your garden, decorative concrete and building intact
– Saves time and money
– Meets industry standards

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