How You Can Prevent Tree Roots from Getting Into Your Drain Pipes

Tree roots are one of the main reasons for drain blockages and damage. They are naturally attracted to moist, nutrient rich environments and naturally move into pipelines if they are close enough.

In worst case scenarios, tree roots can cause complete drain blockages or even cause your pipeline to collapse.

In this post, we give you the top tips for keeping tree roots out of your pipes.

Plant trees in the right locations:

Ideally, you want to plant larger trees further away from your pipelines, while planting smaller shrubs closer. If you don’t have the option to choose or change the position of your trees, there are other options.

Physical root barriers:

Redirect roots away from your pipes using either solid or permeable physical barriers. To work effectively, make sure they are large.

A solid barrier is made of fibreglass or plastic, is corrosion resistant.

A permeable barrier is a mesh screen that still allows water and small roots to pass through.

Install a slip line:

A slip line is a liner that feeds into your existing pipes and creates a barrier that roots cannot breach. You can hire a professional to do this job.

Foaming root killer:

If you already have an issue with clogged pipes due to tree roots, try foaming root killer. Professional plumbers use it to flush out the system. It is extremely effective and begins to work immediately to dry out and skill existing roots in your pipes.

Here are Drains Plus, we use a non-systemic herbicide which affects the root material when it comes into contact with the root inside the pipe. It is harmless to trees and plants above, as it only travels a short distance up the root.


If you need help with a drain blockage, whether the issue is tree roots or otherwise, give us a call on 1800 420 000 for 24-hour drain blockage service.