How to Protect Your Hot Water Heater from Damage in the Winter Season

The last thing you’d be thinking about this winter is whether your hot water heater is doing OK. However, as winter is quick approaching, you want to make sure you are taking some active steps to protect your hot water heater from damage, to prevent losing money in the long run if your water heater does break.

  1. Drain your water

Generally, you do this step if you live somewhere very cold and you know you won’t be using your hot water for quite a while (e.g. if you are going on holiday). Drain your water heater regularly to prevent freezing on the inside, as if this happens, it is extremely costly to fix.

  1. Keep the water heater warm

Cold weather can cause metal to expand and potentially cause cracks. This will lead to cold showers and water leaks. Look into installing protection around your water heater that will protect it from harsh weather conditions including cold winds.

  1. Insulate your pipes

Your pipes are just as susceptible to the cold as your water heater, especially if they run a long way before they get to your home. Frozen pipes are a big and costly issue, so taking precautions in this area is important. Insulate your pipes to ensure that any exposed parts of your pipes keep the water warm as it travels up to your home and out of fixtures.

We hope these tips help you stay warm this winter and save you money on repairing broken water heaters or frozen pipes!