How To Prevent Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is something most homes dread of having to fix.  Did you know that there are very many ways to take care of your drains to prevent build-up or blockage which can save you time and money down the road?

Here are some of our recommended tips on keeping your drains in top knock shape:

  1. Purchase drain screens and install them in all your drains including your kitchen, sinks, and showers. Drain screens are great for catching residue such as food or hair in the shower and they reduce the amount of build-up that goes down the drain.
  2. Wash your drain cleaners regularly. If you see hair or anything caught in them, simply remove and debris, since and place them back in your sink or shower.
  3. Remove your drain cover completely in your shower or bathtub and use a bent wire to pull out any accumulated hair before a block occurs.
  4. Use a bio-degradable drain cleaner. Always aim to use something biodegradable so it’s safe on your drains and doesn’t wear away the surface layer on them. Harsh chemicals not only wear away on your drains but they also are very toxic and have harsh fumes that will surface in your bathroom without adequate air circulation.
  5. Avoid planting trees or shrubs in your garden near an underground drain line. Roots from trees can find their way inside your drains and cause major blockage issues. Contact your local council to find out exactly where the pipes run.
  6. Do not pour any types of grease down your drains. This can include cooking oils, or grease from food.
  7. For the toilet, the rule of thumb is to only put toilet paper down your toilet. Use the bin to dispose of anything else.

If you have any questions about keeping your drains clear, don’t hesitate to give our team a call at 1 800 420 000.