How to keep tree roots out of your sewer lines

While the trees in your backyard may look beautiful on the outside, beneath the surface they can be deadly. Tree roots grow in the direction of moisture and will seek out the places with the most moisture and nutrients. One of those places within your home is your pipes. They can find small cracks and leaks in the pipes and begin to grow within them.

If they continue to grow, they can eventually block the pipes completely, stopping water flow and causing a lot of pressure that could cause pipes to break or collapse and block water from entering your home.

How can you prevent this? Find out by reading on.

  1. Get your sewer lines inspected

Firstly, if you’ve never heard of this problem and want to prevent it, you should probably call a professional to inspect the current health of your pipes. Don’t wait for the inevitable to happen – the sooner you get this done, the easier and less costly it’ll be for you in the long run.

  1. Remove any current roots and get repairs done

If, during inspection, your plumber finds signs of tree root intrusions, get this fixed right away. Here at Drains Plus, one of our specialties is removing drain blockages caused by tree roots. One thing we do to prevent tree roots from growing and blocking pipes is pump a herbicidal root control foam into the problem area where the roots tend to grow.

This foam works immediately, destroying any tree roots it comes into contact with. The foam we use is non-systematic and will not harm trees and plants above.

  1. Plant trees 10 feet away from the sewer line

As a precaution, for any plants you decide to plant in your home, make sure they are about 10 feet away from your sewer line so that there is less likely chance of the roots growing towards the pipes. Or, you could look into planting ‘sewer safe’ trees instead.

  1. Use physical barriers

Something you could get installed is physical barriers such as those made of wood or metal. These would be buried a bit deeper than your sewer line and run vertically to prevent roots from entering the pipes.


If you need help with tree root blockages or would simply like an inspection, give us a call. We are open 24/7 and service all over Perth!