How to Fix a Slow Draining Sink

Do you find that water is taking longer than usual to clear out of your sink? It’s a common plumbing problem that can be fixed easily in a number of ways. Bathroom and kitchen sinks are usually the major victims of this issue. Many things could be causing your slow draining sink such as, the use of a pop-up, soap build-up, build-up that naturally occurs over time, etc.

The problem is easily fixed though, and here are a few ways to do it.

Pop-up sinks

Pop-up drains are very popular and convenient. It’s like a two-in-one drain and plug. The downside is, that this type of drain easily collects things like debris, build-up of various products and hair.

If your sink has this type of drain and it is draining out slowly, you’ll want to remove the pop-up and clean it out. These types of drains are usually held together by a nut under the sink. Simply remove the nut and you can easily pull out the pop-up from the sink drain to clean it.

Use a Zip-It Tool

Ever heard of a Zip-It tool? You can use this little guy to clear out any hair and other bits of built-up debris within your sink that might be causing the slow drainage. This tool can easily be used in a pop-up sink without removing it, so if you would rather not remove your pop-up, try this method.

The Sink Overflow

You know that random hole on the side of your sink? That hole is meant to divert any water that flows too high on your sink to stop it from overflowing onto the floor. It also helps to allow air into the drain when it’s filled with water to help it drain efficiently.

Just like the drain, the overflow can commonly get full of build-up and debris. If you’re still having issues after clearing the drain, try cleaning out your overflow.

Use a plunger

For an issue that might be further down in the pipes, such as build up that resides further down and is more compacted, use a plunger to loosen and dislodge those bits of debris, hair and dirt. Be sure to cover up the overflow otherwise the plunging job won’t work, because you need to create a seal for it to clear any blockage.