Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Your Kitchen Drain

If you’ve ever experienced the foul odour that wafts through a clogged kitchen pipe, then chances are you already know how important it is to regularly get your drains cleaned to prevent this from happening in the future. 

However, if you haven’t then here’s our ultimate guide to everything you need to know about getting your kitchen drain cleaned.


Do Not Use Chemical Substances

First thing’s first, do not, I repeat: DO NOT use chemical substances to try to eliminate ANY blockages!!! These will cause your pipes to corrode over time, causing more costly damage. 


10 Things That Should Not Be In Your Sink

Secondly, kitchen drain clogs can be prevented by ensuring that the following 10 items do not go in your kitchen sink:

  1. produce sticker 
  2. eggshells
  3. cooking oil 
  4. medication 
  5. flour
  6. rice
  7. butter/margarine 
  8. grease
  9. pasta
  10. coffee grounds


DIY: Kitchen Cleaning Method 

We’re not going to lie, sometimes it can be hard and overtime, if left untreated the build-up of any of these things can cause a blockage, that’s why we recommend that you clean your kitchen drain using this simple method, once a week. 

  1. Boil 3 cups of water and slowly pour it down the drain. 
  2. Wait 5 minutes for the hot water to work.
  3. Add a tiny amount of dish soap to the hot water to break down any grease.
  4. Pour 3 cups of cold water into the drain. 


Warning: Be careful not to heat the water any higher than 60 degrees celsius. 


Hire A Professional.

We also recommend getting your drains cleaned annually by a certified professional. 

The key is to not wait until you’re stuck with strong odours, gurgling noises, and standing water! Book in once a year as part of your home maintenance plan. In an annual drain clean your plumber will check your plumbing system thoroughly and ensure that any and all blockages are removed, making sure that everything is in proper working order. 

Here at Drains Plus, we’re blocked drain cleaning specialists! With over 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 drains cleaned in and around the Perth area, you can count on us to clear any drain or it’s free! 

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