Common Winter Plumbing Problems and How To Fix Them

With winter quickly approaching, and it’s important as a home owner to know the common plumbing issues that you could face this winter season. To know the most common winter plumbing problems and how you can prevent or fix these issues or when to call a professional, keep on reading.

1. Frozen pipes (indoor and outdoor)
During very cold weather, your pipes have a great risk of freezing up. If you find that your pipes have frozen, you need to turn off your water supply as soon as possible to prevent your pipes from bursting. Also be sure to contact a professional plumber who can come and take a look at the issue and repair it without causing any more damage.

2. Water heater breakage
During the winter months, your water heater is going to work harder. So it is very common for breakages to occur.

Make sure you know what kind of water heater you have – is it an electric or gas unit? This will determine what is needed to fix it.

When in doubt, always call a professional plumber!