3 Common Toilet Problems And How To Fix Them

As with all plumbing problems, sometimes it’s best to leave it up to the professionals, but sometimes giving things a go yourself can save you time and money. Here are the top 3 most common toilet problems and how you can fix them without calling a plumber (just keep our number handy for safe measure – 1800 420 000). 


Problem 1: Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet prevents water from flushing the way that it should. Generally, a blockage is caused by a foreign object being put into the toilet, for example, paper towels, sanitary items wipes or as we’ve discovered during our time in the industry toys and even art supplies! For some reason, small children have a fascination with flushing things down the toilet… go figure! The only things that should be getting flushed are human waste and toilet paper. 

What you should do if you have a blocked toilet? If the blockage hasn’t gone too far down the drain then you should be able to get your toilet back in working order with the use of a decent-sized plunger. You want to use one that reduces splashing and creates good suction. 


Problem 2: Leaking Toilet

Toilet tanks hold water that releases when flushed, sometimes the water may leak into the bowl for no reason causing lots of unnecessary water wastage. 

What you should do if you have a leaking toilet? The most common thing that causes a leaking toilet is that the flapper is not properly sealed. Check to see if the flapper is tight enough or if it needs to be replaced. 


Problem 3: Toilet Does Not Fill Up

If the water level in the toilet bowl is too low there are four main reasons: 

  1. The fill tube is damaged 
  2. The toilet bowl is cracked 
  3. The vent is faulty 
  4. The fill valve is damaged 

What you should do if your toilet doesn’t fill up properly? First, you need to find out why the toilet isn’t filling up properly. To do this you need to lift the tank lid and inspect to see if anything is damaged. If you see that everything is in working order then it’s best to ring a professional to assess the situation. 


As we’ve said before, to avoid things from getting worse or more costly, it’s important to get on top of any of these (or any other plumbing) issues as soon as you notice them. The sooner, the better! 

If you are looking for a reliable Perth Plumber that you can trust? – Get in touch with us today on 1800 420 000 – we’re blocked drains specialists and are confident we can help you.