Clearing Drains in Older Homes

Older homes have older pipes, and older pipes tend to present more problems. So, you’ll find the Drains Plus team clearing more drains in Perth’s older suburbs.

As drain clearing and cleaning specialists, we understand the issues that lead to blocked drains, and those issues are often due to the age and materials of the pipes.

Blocked drains do happen in new homes, but it’s far less common, and more likely to be down to a mistake with an unusual object, than it is to do with the pipes themselves.

“We spend most of our time working on heritage homes and older properties. The old terracotta and ceramic pipe work is more prone to problems. They allow roots easier access and they do tend to break down over time.”

– Ian Oliver, Owner, Drains Plus

We spend most of our time in the longest established suburbs of Perth, where the majority of homes are older and still have the original plumbing and pipe work. Many of our jobs and long-term clients are in the Western Suburbs, from Subiaco right down to Mosman Park. Fremantle is also an area where drain blockages are common.

And of course the older suburbs that surround the city are also happy hunting grounds for our expert drain clearers: Mount Hawthorn, Mount Lawley, North Perth and Bayswater.

“People living in heritage homes are always keen to have the problem solved quickly, and are less likely to try and DIY their blocked drains. We act fast because the smells can be very unpleasant, and the dirty water can damage the property when overflows come into contact with timber floors and expensive finishes in bathrooms and kitchens.”

– Ian Oliver, Owner, Drains Plus

As specialist drain plumbers, we understand the potential problems, and can almost always identify the issue, find the source, and clear the drain quickly. Many small plumbers just don’t have the experience, and very few carry the specialised equipment that we do.

Our people enjoy working on Perth’s older homes, with people who need urgent help, and are relieved to have their home’s drains clear and flowing freely again. It can be quite stressful, especially when the blocked drains interrupt daily routines, threaten social occasions or even cause long term damage to the home or garden.

When an older Perth home has blocked drains or major plumbing issues, the Drains Plus team are here and ready to come and help. Our clients love our fast and no-nonsense approach, and our success rate is second to none on the more ‘mysterious’ drain blockage jobs.

It’s not brain surgery and we might not be saving lives, but we understand old pipes and plumbing in old homes, and we have the experience to solve the problem, and the drain clearing equipment to get things back to normal and flowing freely again.

When your drains slow down, or start to block, please call us out, and we’ll be there to help.