Camera draining inspections

Camera draining inspections

Have you ever had a plumber come out and perform a hundred and one tasks because they weren’t quite sure what the cause of your problem was?

Unfortunately, in our line on business, it’s difficult to know precisely what is going on inside your drains or underground, unless we see it with our eyes. That is why getting a plumber who uses the latest technology will not only minimise the amount of time needed to fix the issue, but it will also reduce the amount you will need to spend to fix your problem because there will not be as much exploratory work required.

Camera drainage inspections is a process of feeding a snake-like a camera down the drains to identify the cause/ root of the problem. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to clearly see the issue at hand, so your plumber can see to it that they are fixing the right problem, this may save you hundreds of man hours and eliminate “plumbers hunch” especially for easy to fix jobs.

Being able to identify the problem and issues at hand means that, you will get the right thing fixed the first time around. More so, you will get the proper fixing for your pipes or drain. When it comes to plumbing, unfortunately, each job is different, that is why clear visual identification can help to streamline and smooth out the investigation process. As once the issues are identified, fixing the job will be much easier for your contractor.

Cameras also help to prevent further blockages, as while your plumber is investigating and fixing one problem, they will be able to fix another or even examine surrounding pipes to ensure that there are no other blockages.

They will even be able to give you visual proof of the blockages so that you can make a better-educated decision when deciding what you would like to do and what work you would like to continue with. Having this information and the visual proof will mean that you will know where your hard-earned money is going.

This process is better for more plumbers and homeowners alike, as camera drainage inspections cover both the plumber and the homeowner on the scopes of work to be performed on the home.

So, next time your drains or pipes are blocked, asked for a camera inspection before any work is performed. This will make save you time and money, and ensure that you are making the right decision, based on facts and evidence not something you can’t see.