January 24, 2019

Types of Faucet Valves

Before you go and DIY a faucet repair job, you need to know what type of faucet you have and how it works. Let’s take a look at the most common faucet types. Ball Faucet Most common in your kitchen, the ball faucet is a washer-less faucet. They usually have a single handle that is used to control both the hot and cold water by swivelling it. Inside, it is controlling a special plastic or metal ball. Inside the ball is a series of slots and holes with rubber O-rings...

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January 17, 2019

How to Unblock your Gutters

While it’s very important to keep your gutters clear and clean during the winter time, that’s no reason to neglect them during summer when it’s a bit warmer and drier. Even during these dry months, your gutters can get blocked up by debris and other materials that get caught up there. Things such as tree leaves, dirt, silt, etc. can build up and caused blockages in your gutters. This causes excess water to fall off your roof rather than filtering through the gutter pipes. Keep reading to learn how to...

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