4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Plumbing

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Plumbing

Has the time off over the festive season got you inspired to reno your home and attempt some DIY? … That’s great! But for those of you who have never gone through the trials of renovating a home, here’s a top tip from someone who’s ‘been there, done that’: hire experts when you need them, especially when it comes to plumbing! 

Plumbing is a licensed trade for a reason, it’s by no means an easy job. It requires someone who knows what they’re doing to ensure that it complies with local and national regulations, and is safe for yourself and your community. 

So, before you go ahead and decide to take to the plumbing tools, here are our top 4 reasons why you should NOT DIY your own plumbing. 

Reason #1: In Some Cases, It’s Not Legal! 

Plumbing work that has been done by an unlicensed person can incur substantial fines and penalties if reported to the correct authorities. So if you are going to DIY it, don’t post your handiwork on social media… you never know who might nark on you. 

Reason #2: It Voids Insurance. 

Any building insurance will be void if a claim is made against work that is not legal. So if you’re in the middle of installing something and things go south, chances are you’ll be out of pocket as your insurance won’t cover a dodgy DIY job. 

Reason #3: You Could Jeopardise The Health And Safety Of Your Family. 

The last thing you want is to accidentally connect the wrong pipes, this can cause some serious havoc and pose a threat to the health and safety of your loved ones who could become exposed to faecal matter. 

Reason #4: You’ll Void Your Warranties. 

Appliances like dishwashers, hot water tanks, filtered taps etc, all come with warranties, if fitted by someone who is unlicensed that warranty will become void should the appliance become faulty.

So there you have it folks, just some of our top reasons for leaving the plumbing up to the professionals. 

And on that note, we’ll leave you with this quote to summarise… 


“If you thought hiring a plumber was expensive, try paying the price for not hiring one.”

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