What's Blocked

Kitchen Sink

Blocked kitchen sinks in properties built before the eighties generally go out to an outside drain the problem is normally rust in the outlet pipe and fats or roots in the outside drain or gulley.  This is usually quite a simple task to clean and can be cleared with an electric drain cleaning machine.

Properties built after the eighties generally have the kitchen sink a long way from the main drains.  The kitchen sink drain usually is a smaller pipe than the main drain and runs a long distance underneath the concrete slab of the house and connects directly into the main drain.  The blockage is normally just fat build up over time plus the design factor which is prone to blockages .The only way to clear this type of blockage with out any dismantling or lifting pavers is from the kitchen sink itself. Specialised drain cleaning machines or high pressure water jetters need to be utilised

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A single blocked toilet can be due to excessive amounts of paper , wipes or a toilet freshener that’s gets stuck in the s bend .This can be normally removed with a plumbers plunger or special tool called a sani snake. If the toilet still cannot be unblocked then its probably roots that have grown into the outlet drain . The cause of root blockages is  normally cracks in the drain, previous maintenance or bad installation.

A cleaning access is generally located under ground and the toilets outlet drain is scoured clear of roots with a drain machine from the access, the drain is inspected with a drain camera and a root control system option can be applied.

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Internal Drain

Basins, baths, showers and laundry troughs drains in newer properties are generally easy to clear with small electric drain machines, unless builders cement is causing the blockage, this can be more time consuming but has a high success rate. In older properties where galvanised pipe is used for these drains, generally its a combination of hair, rust and roots which grow up the pipe from the outside drain or gulley.

Rust build up in these pipes is the most common especially basins which are usually a smaller diameter than the other fixtures. Rusted drain pipes can be scoured out with our machines and brought back to normal functionality.

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External Drain

If more than one fixture is blocked or running slow  then it means that the entire main drain is blocked.   These drains can be cleared by using drain machines or high pressure water jetters.

Where possible we can clear the drain from the house to the ministers drain. Its generally root intrusions causing the problem, normally near the boundary of the property.  We inspect the drain with a drain camera so we can identify and locate the faulty areas.

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Stormwater Drain

These are generally self-contained soak wells or storm water channels and pipes, which run into soak wells. These drains normally accumulate, debris, leaves, sand or  during the dry months, roots when they are searching for water.

These can generally be cleared out with drain machines or high water pressure jetters.

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