What We Offer that Others Don't

The way we clear drains is uniquely non obtrusive and cost effective. We can work indoors as well as outdoors with all our equipment, with absolutely no mess, excavation or any dismantling.

  • Removal of concrete or cement from drains and pipes, without using any acids, chemicals or any dismantling.
  • Scouring insides of rusted drains and pipes without any dismantling proven to be exceptionally cost effective.
  • Clearing of any length kitchen drain without using chemicals, lifting pavers or any dismantling.
  • Root removal and an optional root control system which is highly effective, economical and guaranteed. Managed and recorded by Drains Plus.
  • Inspections and recordings with drain cameras of all types of drains and pipes plus inspecting any toilet line without removing the bowl.
  • We always do camera inpections on mainline blockages at no extra cost to guarantee our work.
  • We can clear commercial kitchen drains without any disruption or mess, plus we offer a proven preventative maintenance option.
  • We can locate problem areas, hidden inspection shafts and drain layouts with our machines and cameras.